Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

3 Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

3 Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

We all play a role in keeping our planet healthy. If you’re still looking for a New Year’s resolution: here’s one small change that can make a big impact: go green to save green. Here are 3 Tips For Eco-Friendly Living.

Strip out the chemicals.

Spring cleaning always starts with good intentions: to feel good about yourself, to simplify your life, and to be conscious of your environment. But, often, people forget that harmful products and cleaning agents can potentially expose you, your family, and little furry pets to dangerous toxins and chemicals. So, consider making your own cleaning products – you’d be surprised to know how far a little vinegar can go! Or, buy green, eco-friendly cleaning products. Before introducing a new cleaning product to your home, do some research to make sure it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

Reduce, remove and recycle.

Have a lot of stuff? We get it. It can be intimidating to think about going through endless clutter and, more importantly, making decisions on what to keep and throw out. If you’re new to decluttering, you can slowly build momentum with just ten minutes a day. Start with the big stuff – the furniture, mattresses, and more. Then, move to smaller ticket items like clothing, shoes, and accessories, which can be more time-consuming.

If you’re wondering what to do with the excess furniture, clothes, mattresses, etc., don’t sweat it! Find a junk removal services company, like Junkmasterz, to do one quick sweep of all your unwanted items. A trusted, must-have in your life, Junkmasterz will not only pick up items but also determine what can be recycled and/or donated. Amazing! 

Cut out the plastic.

Plastic seems to have found its way into every single aspect of our lives. However, giving it up isn’t as difficult as you might think. Leave canvas bags in your car for when you go shopping and buy eco-friendly produce bags for your fruits and vegetables. And most importantly, invest in a reusable water bottle. Then, let everyone else be green with envy!

We hope you enjoyed these Tips For Eco-Friendly Living.

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