Our Mission

Las Vegas Junk Removal

It is inevitable. Sooner or later, we all start to pile up junk in our homes. A small pile of things we intend to use at a later time slowly piles up into things we haven’t touched in years. Isn’t it crazy how a small pile of junk slowly grows over time and eventually become a big pile of trash that you just can’t stand to look at anymore?

Our mission here at Junk Masterz LLC is to be active in keeping the homes here Las Vegas area beautiful and free of junk. As a matter of fact, we have become the junk removal service in Las Vegas to call when the piles of junk start to get out of hand. Since the beginning of our startup in providing an outstanding Las Vegas junk removal service (and also Henderson), we made a commitment to providing only the best customer service and the fairest prices around to our friends and neighbors. We strive to make the process of junk removal as simple and as conveniently possible for you. With our simple online scheduling form you can fill out, we make it a breeze to schedule a pickup at a time that is convenient for you. We are also just a simple phone call away. Our friendly staff can schedule you and even give you a quote right over the phone. We also understand that people feel bad throwing useful items away. Because of that, we have knowledge of many locations around the area that take donation that would benefit those in need. We are also get rid of junk responsibly be recycling as much as we can. It goes without saying, one of our biggest goals in providing junk removal services is on staying green. We care about our environment by recycling up to 60% of the items we pick up. We provide convenient trash removal all year long.




Our Junk Removal Process
  • 1. Schedule an appointment

    Book a no-obligation appointment online with our easy to use schedule form. You can also reach us here easily at (702) 850-5865 and our friendly staff will be happy to help. We even offer same-day service when you are really in need of getting rid of trash. Whether you are set up for same-day service or are scheduled out a week from today we make it a good habit to call all of our customers about 15-30 minutes before your scheduled arrival window. We know how life can creep on us and make us forget things!

  • 2. Upfront pricing

    We price based on volume (how much space your junk takes up in our truck). There are certain items that are priced differently such as things like old tires and broken down and not running appliances. These types of item require different types of recycling and disposing fees. We will let you know about the pricing on those specialty items but you can be sure the fees go to proper disposal. Other than that, when we arrive, just point to the junk you want to be removed and we’ll provide you with an all-inclusive price — it’s that simple.

  • 3. We remove your junk

    We are going to guess that the reason you are calling junk removal in Las Vegas is, in fact, to get rid of your trash. We know that lifting heavy items and getting dirty is not your ideal way to spend your weekend or any free time. You want someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. We have the muscle and we will be happy to remove items from wherever they are located (even from the backyard), load them into our truck, and sweep up or clean up the area before we leave. Dragging junk to the curb is a thing of the past!

  • 4. We give back to the community

    It’s not just junk to us! Over the years of being in the waste management industry, we have seen the feeling of guilt from people that want to get rid of things that they feel are still in good use and could benefit others (Don’t worry! We feel bad at times too!).  Because of this, we do our best to donate and recycle as much as we can. Over the years we have become acquainted with donation centers to help those out in need. When you use Junk Masterz you’re helping to keep junk out of the landfill and giving back to the community too. That is something we can all feel good about!

Here Are Just Some Of Our Many Las Vegas Junk Removal Jobs